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Road trips just feel like film to me. I finally got my scans back last night, so I’m happy to share some shots from my journey from AZ to IL. The black and white are all 35mm on an Olympus OM-2 with Tri-X film. The color are all 120mm on a Contax 645 with both Ektar 100 and Fuji 400h film. Let’s do this!

000063410013 000063410014 000063410015 The first night, I stayed in Hollbrook, AZ after dodging giant moonlit elk on the road from Phoenix. 000063410018 000063410019 000063440001 000063440002 000063440003 000063410021 000063440004 000063410024 000063440005 000063440007 000063440009 000063410027 000063410028 000063440010 000063410031 000063410034 000063440014 000063440011 000063440012 I pulled over randomly because I liked the clouds and ended up at the Continental Divide!000063420002 000063420003 000063420004000063430013000063420006000063420008 000063420009 Oh and then it snowed somewhere between Albuquerque and Denver…000063420010 After some great coffee at Crema in Denver, I explored a bit.000063430002 000063430003 000063430004 000063430006 000063430008 000063430010 000063430011 I shot a ton of instax “polaroids” along the way. I lined them up on my dash to have something prettier than Nebraska to look at on my way home. (no offense Nebraska…ok maybe a little offense)000063430012 Pulled off on a whim to check out the original Pony Express station!000063430014 000063430015 000063420022 000063430016



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I was the guy at UNITED juggling 2 or 3 cameras during all the shoots, and one of them was my beloved Contax 645 medium format film camera. Here are a handful of my favorite shots from the week! Several of these are similar or the same as digital pics I posted in my previous blog about UNITED 2014. I wanted to see the difference directly, and I welcome you to check out both posts and see if you appreciate one over the other.

Oh and the coolest part is these shots are essentially unedited. Huge thanks to Indie Film Lab for developing/scanning and, of course, film itself for being badass.

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The first shoot I participated in was Mikey and Stephanie Smith’s sunrise bridal/trash-the-dress session. We had 3 amazing models: Kristen WiersmaHeidi Watson, and Fernanda Maile Santini. They toughed it out on a not-terribly-warm morning and even got in the water! Hair was done by Taylor DeZavala and makeup by Marla Nyamdorj.

The next shoot was Carrie Swail’s “Offbeat Bride and Groom.” Thanks to the models who are all photographers: Jamie IvinsJulie WilmesSeth and Lauren Pinson, and Mycah and Bobby Burns.

I got a couple fun shots of Rebecca Read and Jill Tiongco one morning. As Jill put it, “It looks like we’re both talking into ear pieces” haha!

Stephanie Arieno and Carrie Swails styled the paper cranes shoot, and photographers Jamie Hudson and Ling Harris stepped up and let a bunch of people put cameras in their faces all morning. The paper bouquet was done by Paper Posies, and Ling’s dress was her own made by Sue Wong.

Finally, a fun shot of Janelle Addis when there was far too little light to keep it in focus!

For the photogs: Contax 645 with 80mm f2.0, mix of Fuji 400h and Kodak Porta 400 film