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Road trips just feel like film to me. I finally got my scans back last night, so I’m happy to share some shots from my journey from AZ to IL. The black and white are all 35mm on an Olympus OM-2 with Tri-X film. The color are all 120mm on a Contax 645 with both Ektar 100 and Fuji 400h film. Let’s do this!

000063410013 000063410014 000063410015 The first night, I stayed in Hollbrook, AZ after dodging giant moonlit elk on the road from Phoenix. 000063410018 000063410019 000063440001 000063440002 000063440003 000063410021 000063440004 000063410024 000063440005 000063440007 000063440009 000063410027 000063410028 000063440010 000063410031 000063410034 000063440014 000063440011 000063440012 I pulled over randomly because I liked the clouds and ended up at the Continental Divide!000063420002 000063420003 000063420004000063430013000063420006000063420008 000063420009 Oh and then it snowed somewhere between Albuquerque and Denver…000063420010 After some great coffee at Crema in Denver, I explored a bit.000063430002 000063430003 000063430004 000063430006 000063430008 000063430010 000063430011 I shot a ton of instax “polaroids” along the way. I lined them up on my dash to have something prettier than Nebraska to look at on my way home. (no offense Nebraska…ok maybe a little offense)000063430012 Pulled off on a whim to check out the original Pony Express station!000063430014 000063430015 000063420022 000063430016



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I’ve been wanting to shoot a destination wedding since day one as it combines my two favorite things: travel and photography. Well, maybe I shouldn’t be so quick to declare my two favorite things…I think IPAs would get jealous. Anyway, to get to shoot a wedding in St. John with perfect weather was simply unbelievable. I mean I got to wear linen pants and flip flops (a.k.a. living the dream)! To add to the fun, I went down there with my good friend Elizabeth of Anticipation Events, and her bf and our friend Annie ended up coming as well. The four of us had a great mini-vaca before the wedding events started up, and in an unlikely turn of events, I went from hating to absolutely loving Bloody Marys. So the trip was already a success well before the big day.

Katie and Ryan are an amazing couple. I can’t imagine a more stressful wedding than one where you’re not only planning the event, but you’re coordinating almost every flight, taxi, ferry, and hotel for your friends and family. They pulled it off seamlessly and had a blast throughout the day! I should also point out that I’ve never received such a warm and friendly welcome from friends and family. It was great to have several conversations with uncles and aunts, friends, young’ns, and even Grandma. Good people! Here’s some Q&A with Katie:

1. How did you and Ryan meet?
“Ryan and I grew up together in the small town of Lake Bluff, IL.  We sat next to each other in 3rd grade, dated in High School and ended up going to college together. We moved to Chicago after graduating and continued dating.  Ryan proposed a few years later and the rest is history!”


2. What made you decide to do a destination wedding, and why St. John?

“We had traveled to St. John once before and loved the beauty and small-town feel of this caribbean island.  Plus, you can’t beat the weather for a March wedding! I had never thought I would have a destination wedding, but it was so amazing to be able to enjoy the company of our family and friends for more than just one night.”

3. What was your favorite part of the day?

“The end of the night was so cool – Elizabeth, our planner, had lined everyone up outside the house with glow sticks.  When Ryan and I left to get in the taxis once the reception had ended, all of our guests were lined up cheering and waving the glow sticks around and we got to run through a tunnel of our friends and family.  This was so unexpected and such a cool way to end the night.”

4. What, if anything, would you have done differently?

“I can’t think of anything that I’d want to change – the day was perfect!”

My duties started the night before the wedding at the rehearsal dinner. What better place than Joe’s Rum Hut?

5Z5A9352 5Z5A9326 E.T. – always the team player!5Z5A9316 5Z5A9423 5Z5A9448 5Z5A9457 5Z5A9478 5Z5A9569 5Z5A9581 5Z5A9611 5Z5A9645 5Z5A9654 5Z5A9661The wedding day begins at the hillside house in which the wedding party stayed for the week. It was also the location of the reception that night.
5Z5A9809 IMG_9860 5Z5A9801 5Z5A9222 5Z5A9773 5Z5A9781 5Z5A9789 5Z5A9798 5Z5A9833 5Z5A9837 5Z5A9845 5Z5A9857 5Z5A9860 5Z5A9864 5Z5A9872 5Z5A9876 5Z5A9882 5Z5A9891 5Z5A9896 5Z5A9901 5Z5A9908 5Z5A9923 5Z5A9947 5Z5A9949 2014-05-19_0032 5Z5A9975 5Z5A9976 5Z5A0009 IMG_9870 5Z5A0017 5Z5A0025 5Z5A0026 IMG_9874 5Z5A0058 5Z5A0062 5Z5A0065 5Z5A0079 5Z5A0093 2014-05-19_0038 5Z5A9253 5Z5A9255 5Z5A9240 5Z5A9248 5Z5A0169 5Z5A0176 IMG_9907 5Z5A0179 5Z5A0218 IMG_9913 5Z5A0227 5Z5A0515 5Z5A0536 IMG_9935 5Z5A0567 5Z5A0572 5Z5A0599 5Z5A0580 5Z5A0587 5Z5A0589 5Z5A0616 IMG_9978 5Z5A0618 5Z5A0628 5Z5A0697 5Z5A0706 5Z5A0727 5Z5A0728 5Z5A0738 IMG_0010 5Z5A0770 5Z5A0790 IMG_0017 5Z5A0817 IMG_0028 5Z5A0846 5Z5A0857 IMG_0044 5Z5A0868 5Z5A0935 5Z5A0952 5Z5A0969 5Z5A0988 5Z5A1066 5Z5A1078 5Z5A1088 5Z5A1103 5Z5A1114 5Z5A1143 5Z5A1180 5Z5A1205 5Z5A1239 2014-05-19_0089 IMG_0150 5Z5A1265 5Z5A1270 5Z5A1267 5Z5A1287 5Z5A1286 IMG_01635Z5A1311 IMG_0061 5Z5A1233 5Z5A1344 5Z5A1352 5Z5A1412 2014-05-19_0103 5Z5A1446 5Z5A1482 5Z5A1509 IMG_0237 5Z5A1534 5Z5A1551 IMG_0257 5Z5A1582 5Z5A1611 5Z5A1619 5Z5A1637 5Z5A1640 5Z5A1378 5Z5A1698 5Z5A1704 5Z5A1730 IMG_0326 5Z5A1797 5Z5A1807 5Z5A1809 5Z5A1847 5Z5A1860 5Z5A1869 5Z5A1920 5Z5A1930 5Z5A1941 5Z5A1969 IMG_0388 5Z5A2015 5Z5A2016 5Z5A2047 5Z5A2073-Edit 5Z5A2083 5Z5A2171 5Z5A2199 5Z5A2205 5Z5A2210 5Z5A2212-Edit


Ceremony – Annaberg Ruins – St. John
Reception – St. John Ultimate Villas – Villa Kalorama
St. John Wedding Coordinator – Katy Lady
U.S. and day-of Wedding Coordinator – Elizabeth of Anticipation Events
Caterer – St. John Catering
Florist – Jessica Aubain at Roses Too
DJ – Dj Adonis
Invitations, programs, and thank you cards – Katie’s mom, JTClark
Katie’s Dress – Romona Keveza
Shoes – Nina Shoes
Jewelry and Belt – BHLDN
Ryan’s Suit & Tie – Hardy Amies
Shirt – Hugo Boss.
Bridesmaid Dresses – Bridesmaids chose their own white dress and gold shoes