Natalie and Robby || Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum Wedding



I love everything about this wedding. Two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, so crazy in love with each other (they hung out just laughing and talking for about 10 minutes after their first look), and a wedding at a nature museum. Perfect! So happy that their wedding day went off without a hitch, despite shaky weather predictions. I was also lucky enough to work with an amazing team of vendors (links at the bottom)! Check out all this awesomeness!

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Second Photographer / applesauce connoisseur: Mari Buttweiler

Wedding Planner and all-around ROCK STAR: Emily of Five Grain Events

Venue where you can get married and/or have butterflies land on your head: Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum

Florist with the more-ist (mostest?): Fleur

Deliciousness: Food For Thought

Tunes that never leave a dance floor empty: Toast & Jam DJs


No-Pose Family Sessions!


Simple. Authentic. Nostalgic.


For the last couple years, I’ve focused almost exclusively on wedding photography. It’s what I love, mostly because I get to document real moments in real time for real people. This type of documentation has a lasting effect beyond that of a great portrait (which dontgetmewrong, I also love), because a genuine moment is much more than just a photo. I stopped doing family sessions because weddings were picking up, and the traditional family sessions I was doing just didn’t have the same level of emotion/connection/longevity that I was used to. Then last year I did one session that changed my whole perspective. We went to the Shedd Aquarium, and I had the privilege of watching Sophia, a hilarious 2-year-old, see creatures and colors unlike anything she’d seen before. And I got to see her parents loving every minute of it. I took photos of the entire experience, and I am confident that the memories from that day will outlast those of a forced posed portrait in a random park at sunset. (see above) Recently, I did the same type of session again. This time, I captured some of the everyday things going on at home as well as a trip to the hardware store. Because why not? Their son gets super excited at the store, and Dad loves teaching him about the tools, what they do, and how they’ll use them at home. And for the record, the little man is already more handy than I am!


So, let me introduce the No-Pose Family Session. The concept is simple. You can pick any activity you and your family want to do, and I’ll document it. Just…no posed photos. If it happens, it happens, and we’ll all high-five, but the goal will be to end up with memories of actual experiences. You can do something as a family and allow yourself to fully enjoy the moment…no need to pull out the phone and try to capture every adorable thing that happens! Trust that you’ll end up with well-made professional images that will bring you back to some fun (but fleeting) moments of your family’s early years. 


The best part – you get so much cool stuff at the end! Not only do you receive the high-resolution images (to make your own prints, books, etc), but you get something physical. Something you can proudly display and eventually pass down to your children. Every session includes a handmade wooden heirloom box. It’s made from rustic walnut with all of it’s subtle imperfections. Hand-rubbed with an oil finish that is made to wear and return as close as possible to it’s natural state, with a deep, rich, flat finish that’s been designed to age from being handled and cherished. Inside the box will be 50 deep matte prints with white borders and a texture that is unmatched by the likes of convenience stores. There are 3 small vials in the box as well. Do with them what you will. A bit of sand from the sandbox, a thread from their favorite blanket, a flower from the garden…anything goes! You can just imagine your children finding this box several years from now and reliving some of their childhood one physical print at a time. It’s unlike any experience you get from a screen, and I’m really excited to be able to provide it to you!


Package Includes:

3-hour session (we can add time if you have something big in mind!)

Handmade walnut box

50 fine art prints

Online gallery to share with family and friends

High-resolution Images to make your own prints, books, etc

Total Price: $750

email me:         

Can’t wait to do more of these sessions!